Why USe Rivet ORder fulfillment?


SIMPLE. Our inventory and shipping system is seamlessly integrated with your store.

FAST. Same day shipping on all orders placed before 5PM ET.

PRO. Handled, packed, and tracked with care and expertise.

FRIENDLY. Customer support that keeps fans happy and builds loyalty.

GLOBAL. We ship a high volume of orders to destinations worldwide.

SAFE. Your inventory is safe with us! Music, apparel, merchandise and all other products are covered under a commercial general liability insurance policy.

DIGITAL. All digital orders are fulfilled automatically when the order is placed.


Need Help Fulfilling a Crowdfunding Campaign?


Congratulations! You just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign. Don't get stressed about shipping all of those orders to your fans. Rivet can help!

We have experience with physical and digital order fulfillment through the different crowdfunding services. Just send us inventory and we'll handle the rest!