Introducing Rivet Press: Custom Design and Screen Printing for Bands and Artists

When we started working with artists in 2012, we had one goal in mind: helping musicians create a better fan experience. It was a simple idea, one that continued to change forms and is still growing today.

Rivet Creative Group was born through partnering with artists and labels to build a cohesively designed album launch, including everything from designing the physical album to websites, marketing emails and social graphics. After a while, we saw another desperate need in the music world: reliable merch fulfillment. And so, Rivet Merch was created shortly after with the intention of making an artist album launch as unified as possible. We began forming deeper relationships with artists and management teams by becoming an integral part of the album design, pre-order strategy and direct-to-fan order fulfillment. Over the past four years, our observations about the music industry have been reinforced as we’ve seen our business grow year-over-year. But as we began to run more pre-order campaigns, ship more items and bring on more new artists, we realized that there was still a missing piece to our full-service creative agency. And so, we are proud to announce…

Rivet Press

A custom design and screen printing service for bands and artists.

A Turnkey Solution for Direct-to-Fan Album Releases and Pre-Orders

We created Rivet Press to streamline the album launch process and better serve our roster of musicians and artists. Now, we can produce all merch orders in-house, all the way from converting a digital design file to physically screen printing on shirts, sweatshirts, posters and more. With each unique artist, we want to be a strategic resource for the critical steps involved with a successful album launch.


Screen Printing Capabilities

Our six-station manual screen printing press allows us to print large quantities of shirts while still maintaining the care and attention to detail of printing by hand. Screen printing is a craft, and we take it very seriously. No matter how large the order is, you can rest assured that each shirt will have the same quality and integrity.

We can print on items like:

  • T-Shirts

  • Sweatshirts

  • Hoodies

  • Posters

  • Album Packaging

  • Canvas Bags

  • Stickers

  • Notebooks

Fast Turnaround Time for Reorders

By having our own screen printing press, we can process an order for a reprint of low inventory and have it turned around in 3 days or less. Using Rivet for your printing needs eliminates the worry of running out of shirts for a pre-order or selling out while on the road touring. Plus, our convenient reorder form makes it fast and easy to get the merch you need to maximize sales.

Custom Short-Run Orders

Due to our fast turnaround time, we can print custom short-run orders of shirts for smaller projects or releases. If you have an idea you want to see printed, let us know. Rivet can also design the concept and only print on-demand based on when each sale is made. This is a great way to try out new merch ideas with little-to-no risk or cost to see what sells well and what doesn’t. Whether it’s seeing a mockup printed on a shirt or ordering a few shirts for a side business, we can customize your order preferences to a solution that works for you.

Free Design with Each Order

For each printing order placed, Rivet will offer one free design for an apparel or print item of your choice. We see this as a great way to build relationships with our clients while giving our team the opportunity to be creative. You come with an idea, and we’ll help you turn it into a design for print--free of charge.

Get started planning your next release today. Request a quote or contact us with questions on how Rivet Press can help maximize your next project.